White Label Support Services

Provide reliable and professional white label website support and maintenance services under your own brand. Offer seamless technical assistance, bug fixes, updates, and 24/7 support to your clients without the need for a dedicated in-house team.

Fully White Label

We present ourselves to your clients under your brand name by using your e-mail domain (we recommend using [email protected]) and signing all e-mails we send on your behalf with your name and logo.

White Label Dashboard

You can, at any time, access your dashboard to track important data, review client tickets, and check our team's work and replies.

White Label Reports

Reports with all the modifications and updates to the website are sent on a weekly basis to you or to your clients directly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Get answers to commonly asked questions about our white label care & maintenance services.

How does it work?

When you outsource client support to us, we will anonymously assist them on your behalf. At any time, you can choose to check-in and have access to our work, along with any interactions we are having with your clients.

Will I still have access to client tickets?

You can choose to view or participate in interactions with your client at any time.

Can you take over support for an existing website?

In addition to developing a new site, we can also take over an existing website from you and support your clients with any additional updates or fixes.

Can I change my chosen plan?

You can contact us at any time to make adjustments to an existing plan, according to your current needs.

Can I host my client's website with you?

We offer highly secure whitelabel hosting, which allows you to focus on assisting your client without having to worry about their sites' uptime or security breaches.

I'd prefer to have these maintenance services without committing to a plan.

We offer standalone maintenance services if you prefer to take care of hosting and other aspects yourself. You can find more information about our standalone services here. You can take it as small as a month as well. No commitment for a year is needed.

None of these plans perfectly meet my maintenance needs.

Our team understands that every project is unique. We would be delighted to customize a package that perfectly suits your requirements. Please get in touch with us, and we'll create a tailor-made solution just for you.

I don't have a credit card. Are there alternative payment methods available?

No worries at all! Our sales team can assist you with alternative payment methods. Please contact them here, and they will be happy to help.

I still have more questions

Why Not! We understand that you are paying us and you should have questions Contact us anytime at [email protected] for your Astro inquiries.